Thursday, August 20, 2009

Birth to 3

Tuesday afternoon a couple ladies from Birth to 3 came over. We went over Caydence's RIDES evaluation (Rockford Infant Developmental Evaluation Scales) from August 12th and then made goals for her to work on in the coming months.

The Rockford Infant Developmental Evaluation Scale is an overview of skills in the areas of Personal-Social/Self-Help (How the child interacts with others and responds in different situations), Fine Motor/Adaptive (How she uses her vision and hands for reaching and grasping), Receptive Language (What she understands), Expressive Language (What sounds she makes), and Gross Motor skills (Large muscle movements).
  • Personal-Social/Self-Help: Caydence completed 2 out of 4 skills at the birth to 1 month level with emerging skills up to the 3 month level.
  • Fine Motor/Adaptive: Caydence completed 1 out of 3 skills at the birth to 1 month level and 1 out of 6 skills at the 1 - 3 month level.
  • Receptive Language: Caydence completed 2 out of 3 skills at the birth to 1 month level with emerging skills up to a 3 month level.
  • Expressive Language: Caydence had emerging skills from up to a 1 month level.
  • Gross Motor: Caydence completed 2 out of 8 skills at the birth to 1 month level.

Obviously the therapists will work on all sorts of stuff with Caydence, but a couple specific goals we set for her for the next 6 months are:
  • For Caydence to be able to follow a moving object with her eyes and head and turn toward sounds.
  • For Caydence to get stronger on her feedings so that she can take more by bottle.
  • For Caydence to be able to push up on her arms while on her tummy

We are going to start weekly therapy visits next week. They will be able to show us things we can do with her to help with her developmental delays. I can't wait to get started!

Here is a pic of Caydence doing some tummy time on her boppy:

Caydence prefers to lay on the right side of her head so she's getting a flat spot. Her doctor said to put stimulating things on her left side so she will lay on that side more. I had read somewhere that although babies can't see very well, they can see contrasting colors very well. So I found some black and white stuffed animals and put them on her left. They seemed to interest her...


dj said...

Awww....she likes the cows!! Okay, I definitely need to go shopping for some cows, penguins and panda bears now! :)

You're such a good mommy! <3

Anonymous said...

Glad Caydence is doing well. Olivia and I can't wait to come visit next week.


Osh said...

Jenny, this sounds like all good things to me! And you can do searches on the internet for black and white pictures, print them off and take them to Kinkos and have them laminated...homemade flashcards for almost free.

Did I tell you that not only was Evan in 0-3 but I worked as an aide for a couple of years in the Winnebago program? It has been almost 15 years, but I still remember some little tricks we used.

You are doing a great job!