Sunday, October 11, 2009

Step UP for Down Syndrome Walk!

Saturday morning was the Step UP for Down Syndrome Walk in Madison. We had a great time. It was very cold, but well worth it. At one point there was actually some flurries in the air. I couldn't believe it. We were kind of worried about taking Caydence with us, but she stays pretty warm and we had her bundled up good.

Our fundraising effort was a definite success. Our team "Caring 4 Caydence" raised a grand total of $2,429.00 for the Madison Area Down Syndrome Society!!!! Josh and I would like to thank everyone for their support. We are truly humbled by how many people were willing to donate.

Caydence's team included her Mommy, Daddy, Gram Gram, Grandma Jean, Grandpa Dale, Uncle Brent, Auntie Sara, Cousin Cassie, and friends Betty, Melissa, Olivia, Jim, Ceria, and Kyria.

Josh and I made our team sign. Josh carved out the letters and I painted it. It turned out really nice.

I also made team buttons for everyone. Here is a close-up...

There was a silent auction where Gram Gram won Caydence a personalized piggy bank, and Grandma Jean won a baby quilt. After the walk there was nummy hotdogs, chips, soda, and ice cream waiting for everyone.

Here are some pics from the event -

Caydence all bundled up all snug

Me and Betty

Melissa & Jim (their baby Olivia in the stroller)

Me holding Baby Olivia

Ciera & Cousin Cassie

Ciera's daughter Kyria

Betty and Gram Gram

Caydence and Daddy

Our team on the walk

Another one of Caydence and her Daddy

Me, Auntie Sara, Daddy, Grandma Jean, Uncle Brent, and Grandpa Dale

Caydence got to meet her friend Brianna, who also has Down Syndrome. They were both due on July 5th and were both in the NICU at the same time. We got to meet Brianna's parents Jillian and Cliff at the pre-Party on October 4th.

Here is Caydence with her button after we got home. She was all tuckered out from her big day!

Josh and I look forward to participating in the walk next year and every year after that. I think it's a great way to show Caydence how much we love and support her. And it also raises money for a great organization!!!!

Thanks again to all who made our fundraiser a success!

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Suz said...

Very nice! Congrats on your success! :)