Monday, July 19, 2010

Sum Sum Summertime!

Well, Caydence had her huge birthday bash last month. We had LOTS of friends and family come to help celebrate. Here are some pics from her big day...

She did pretty well with her cake. She got a couple tastes in. I am purposely omitting the pictures where she got a little too much cake in her mouth and starting crying/screaming. Luckily she quickly recovered once we sung her favorite song "If you're happy and you know it" :)

Caydence has been doing very well as of late. Her newest trick is sitting unassisted and she is getting better at it every day. The main thing she is lacking is the ability to hold herself up with her arms. I try to work with her, but she just doesn't like putting weight on her arms.

We took Caydence to the big 4th of July Parade a couple weeks ago. She had a really good time before the parade started, but she wasn't a big fan of the honking trucks, fire engines, and marching bands. So we ended up leaving after only a half hour. Maybe next year :)

Right now we're waiting for her hip helpers to come in the mail. They are spandex shorts with the legs sewn together. Caydence often sits with her legs wide apart and bent like a frog. The hip helpers will help her bring her legs together and kind of straighten out, which will help with crawling, standing, and eventually walking. Her OT made her a pair of legs bands out of a piece of elastic, but Caydence likes to take them off. The hip helpers definitely won't be as easy to remove. I'll be sure to post a pic of Caydence in her nifty shorts as soon as they arrive :)

Last week Caydence developed a blister under/next to her button (feeding port). This weekend it kind of deflated and last night it was bleeding a little. So this afternoon we're going to the GI doctor to have it looked at. We're thinking that she is just out growing this button, so she needs a bigger one. We'll see. I'll keep you posted :)


Cassie said...

I noticed that you omitted how Caydence got too much cake in her mouth too! Lol! That was a very fun day!

Jenny said...

Yes, that was intentional :)