Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What's new wiff Caydee?!?!?!

Yesterday Caydence had her 1st echo and cardiology appointment since her surgery in December! She was amazingly good for her echo. Usually she squirms everywhere and doesn't stay still. But she was sooo good this time. She just laid on the bed and let the technician do her thing. I was amazed :) YAY Caydence. Then later we met with her cardiologist. She still has a very small VSD (hole between her bottom chambers). But it is very little, they can't even hear it with a stethoscope. It's something that they will keep an eye on. It may close on its own as she grows. If it doesn't close they will wait until she is much older to do another surgery.

Hopefully it will close :) She actually doesn't have to see the cardiologist and have another echo for a whole year!

The big question that we hear at least three times a week is "Is she eating yet?!?!?". I have to admit, this question drives Josh and I CRAZY!!!!!! She will eat someday, but it's gonna take some time. Like a year or two... or more! Progress is very very very slow!!!!

For a while Caydence was taking about an ounce of baby food a day. Then when we switched her to a toddler formula, she started throwing up a little which side tracked her and she didn't want to eat anymore. It doesn't help that she is getting 4 molars, 1 or 2 bottom teeth and a couple upper teeth all at once.

The good thing is that she is fine with putting things in her mouth. Mostly her fingers and toys. In order to make eating "fun". We have stopped trying to spoon feed her for awhile and instead just doing a lot of oral motor stimulation. Then before her baths, she gets to sit in her bumbo chair in the bathtub and play with her food. When she puts it in her mouth herself, she is ok, she still spits it out a bit, but the important thing right now is getting her exposed to tastes and not worrying about the amount she is taking in.

Since we've been using her new hip helpers, she has definitely been keeping her legs closer together. And the best part is that she doesn't seem to mind wearing them :)

Nothing much else is new. It is finally cooling off here in Wisco, so I'm looking forward to taking Caydence on walks again. On a side note, for those who haven't heard already... Caydence is going to be a big Sister! It was a little unexpected, but we are very excited :) I am currently 11 weeks and the two ultrasounds we've had so far, show that everything is looking good. The little bundle is due to make their appearance around in early March 2011. However since Caydence came 4 weeks early, who knows... maybe it will be in February, we'll just have to wait and see :) Stay Tuned <3

BTW - If anyone has an exercise ball they aren't using anymore, we could really use one for Caydence's therapy!

I'll leave you with a cute pic of Caydence and Daddy <3

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Little Liam said...

Way to go Caydence! And congrats to the whole family on new baby! Hope you are feeling good!