Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Discoveries and Caydence gets slipped a Mickey Finn

Caydence has been very cranky the past week or so. We arn't sure exactly why. It could be a number of things actually... heart failure, teething, reflux, gas... who knows. During this time she has been doing a lot of fussing & crying and has now figured out that she can yell even when she is not angry. She seems to like it...ALOT.

I posted a video above. Sorry I couldn't edit it down to be shorter. I'm sure you'll get the picture after the first minute or so :) For those of you who have never heard my voice; Yes, I know I sound like a little girl :)

I also forgot to mention that in the past few days she has figured out how to take the socks off her hands as well. At first she could only take off her left mitten. But now tonight, she discovered she can take the right one off. We've already started the "Take it Off/ Put it On" battle. I usually win when she gives up after about 5 rounds.

Today we took Caydence to the Children's Hospital for her sedated echo and EKG. The sedation clinic is very nice! We got our own big room to stay in and it had all brand new "state of the art" equipment. Once we got settled in, Caydence would not be quiet! She kept yelling and yelling, listening to her voice echo throughout the room and down the hallway. I was almost embarrased... I never wanted to be one of those Moms with the screaming child who wouldn't shut up. But I guess it happens to everyone at some point or another. I'm sure this won't be the last time.

The doctor we saw was a ICU Pediatrician and he was very nice. The nurse said we would probably see him again when Caydence is in the PICU. He explained that the chloral hydrate they were gonna give her was just like getting slipped a Mickey Finn. It has been used for years and years. Caydence would basically get drunk and pass out.

It was soo funny when they slipped her the Mickey. Luckily they were able to put it down her tube since I guess it tastes really bad and after about 5 minutes or so, she started giggling, and smiling at Josh all funny like she was drunkard. Holding her, Josh could hardly maintain his composure. The look on her face was priceless. It was so funny, I wish I would have had my camera. After a couple more minutes, she happily passed out and fell asleep.

They had her on a heart and oxygen monitor thoughout. I hate those machines. It's so nerve wracking watching her numbers go up and down. Everytime they start to go down, you always have that moment of "What if they gonna keep going down????".

After she was sedated, the echo guy came in and performed a very detailed echocardiogram. He got all sorts of pictures at all kinds of angles. I think it was the most detailed one Caydence has ever had. But that is good, because we wanna make sure the doctors can see EVERYTHING prior to her surgery. She started to wake up at the very end, but by the time she was fully awake, it was all done. We still had the EKG to go, but that would only take a minute, so there was no sense in putting her out again.

After all the testing was complete, her cardiologist came down. He said that her left ventricle is a little smaller than the right, but it shouldn't be a problem at all because where they come together looks alright. I didn't completely understand everything he said, but what I did understand was that it looked good! He said he was going to go over the echo with her surgeon and do all sorts of fancy calculations and measuring. He said they could even use her echocardiogram and do practice surgery if they wanted.

That's all the news for today. Thanks for reading :)


M said...

What a relief to know she's in the hands of a very thorough team of physicians! We're counting down until Monday with you guys, and will be with you in spirit the whole time. It's kind of funny thinking of Caydence with a tipsy face, though!

M said...

Whoops, sorry, I meant Monday the 14th.

Jenny said...

Thanks Mary :)

Anonymous said...

What a great video. I was wondering when she would discover her voice like that. Sounds like they really know their "stuff" at that hospital. We love you.
Aunt Millie

Michelle said...

Praying for you guys as you go through the surgery, and sending you lots of love. Caydence is such a sweetie! I love her Santa outfit!!

Movie Star Wife said...

I loved seeing her talking to you! She is adorable. I watched/listened to the whole thing. You should have seen my cat--she was confused--"where is the baby?"