Thursday, December 17, 2009

Post Op Day 3

Busy, busy day today! Caydence got her chest tube removed, the arterial line in her leg removed, the arterial line in her neck removed, her catheter removed, and her oxygen was removed for awhile, but they had to put it back in.

Another big step was that we got to hear her voice again today. Yesterday she didn't make any noise at all. They said that her throat was probably sore. Today with all the tubes coming out, she was crying; although it is usually upsetting to see her cry, it was so nice to hear her again.

Once she got all her tubes pulled out, the speech therapist came to work with her. Caydence still isn't sucking on her bottle, but she isn't gagging either. Unfortunately, they had to put the NG tube back in, but her gag reflex doesn't seem to be bothering her nearly as much as it used to. The speech therapist is coming back tomorrow and we're gonna work on it some more.

This afternoon, they brought Caydence in a bouncy chair she could sit in and strung toys across her bed. She really liked it a lot! I think it made her think of her bouncy chair back home <3 She liked it so much, she fell asleep playing with her cow :)

They have been taking Caydence on and off oxygen all afternoon. Sometimes her saturations dip down into the 80's and other times they will be fine. Her doctors think she may have some junk still left in her lungs that she needs to cough up, but children with down syndrome sometimes don't cough as much as they should. They did an extra chest xray this afternoon, but we haven't heard on the results.

Thank you sooo much to everyone who has been sending us cards and gifts at the hospital. Caydence is accumulating quite the assortment of stuffed animals :) We'd also like to thank everyone who has been following her progress and cheering her along this week. She is such a little trooper and is so blessed to have so many people caring about her.


Anonymous said...

I am glad everyday she gets better. I also have to say those new pictures of her are soooooo cute!!!!


Anonymous said...

She's so beautiful!!! <3


Osh said...

Glad to read she is doing so well!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh! Thank you so much for the new beautiful pics of Caydence! Glad to hear progress is still, well, progressing! Please keep us posted and know you're all in our thoughts and prayers!

I do have a question-were you guys thinking about switching to a g-tube? I can't remember if that was Caydence's story or not (sorry!) and just curious what the verdict was w/ that.

Anyway, much love to Caydence! xoxoxo
Stephanie & Kambria

Movie Star Wife said...

I love the pictures you have posted. She is sooooo cute! I'm glad that her recovery is going well. You are in my thoughts and prayers.