Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Post Op Day 1

Well, we're all settled in the PICU now. The cafeteria food here is really good, but expensive. Luckily, we found out that since I'm still "pumping" they will pay for all my meals, so I can order whatever I want for free and they deliver it to the room. Josh isn't quite so fortunate, he has to fend for himself. They are supposed to have the family kitchen "stocked" with some basic food items, but so far all we've found is an apple and some milk...

Yesterday afternoon while we were waiting for Caydence to get moved to the PICU we met a family who was waiting for their niece to go into surgery. She was supposed to have heart surgery right after Caydence. The little 7 year old girl needed a pacemaker and they didn't know what was wrong with her. Last night we found out that her surgery didn't go as well and she is currently on life support and being transferred to Milwaukee for a heart transplant. I feel so so bad for the family, but at the same time am so happy it isn't Caydence. Caydence is doing well for the most part.

When she came into the PICU she was really cold so they used a machine that blows warm air to warm her up. Now she is running a fever, but they said that was normal.

We were going to stay at the Ronald McDonald house last night, but when we were thinking about going over there Caydence's leg turned kinda purple and they thought she may have a blood clot. They did some tests on her leg and listened to the blood flow. After a couple hours they determined it was a combination of the arterial catheter running in her leg and her blood pressure. As they raised her blood pressure returned her leg returned to normal.

So, last night we were fortunate to reserve a sleeping room with a twin bed in it, so we ended up switching off sleeping in there while the other one slept in the room. All things considered, she's doing fine and recovering nicely. We'll keep you updated with more posts when we have more information.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update! We're continually praying for you beautiful Caydence!

Stephanie & Kambria
& the rest of the Farwell family!!!!

Andrea said...

We are thinking of you and Caydence and sending you all the luck we were blessed with almost 9 years ago when Max was in her tiny shoes.
Andrea, Max & Zoe