Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Post Op Day 2 - Part 2

Caydence's fever is finally gone. Hopefully it won't come back! We were kind of worried for a while there, but it is looking better :) She is still drifting in and out of consciousness, but it's probably for the best, cuz she needs her rest! They set up a mobile and hung some toys across her crib so she has something to look at when she is awake though.

The Hospital bought toys for all the children and this afternoon Santa came around to the rooms to deliver them.

Caydence got a V-tech Move and Crawl Ball, some Peek a Boo Stacker blocks, and a reindeer stuffed animal.

The hospital stay has been great so far. All the doctors, nurses, and staff are so nice and they have been very accommodating. We have been very fortunate. We'll be sure to post updates on her progress as she continues to recover. Thanks for checking in :)


Anonymous said...

Thank God her fever is gone!!! That is wonderful news! It looks like Santa was very good to Miss Pretty! haha Oh I love you all!!


Anonymous said...

I pray for a good healing sleep for Caydence tonight and for you two as well. Thanks for taking time to give these updates. Glad there was some decent food today, Josh.

Pastor Sylvia

Anonymous said...

Today's newspaper had an article that Santa went to the hospital yesterday. I was wondering if he remembered Caydence and it looks like he did. Santa never lets us down, does he? Love to you all, Aunt Millie

Suz said...

So glad that things are going well. I know you are anxious to get home, and we miss you up here! :) Thanks so much for keeping us updated via FB and your blog. I'm very glad for you all. I think it will be a merry Christmas at your house!