Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Post-op: Day #2

Daddy here:

Well, we're into day number two after the surgery and Caydence is doing well. This morning she had her breathing tube removed and she seems to be doing well with that, but they're keeping an eye on swelling in her throat so she doesn't have to labor so much to breath on her own. She also has a little bit of supplemental oxygen being given to her to help push her in the right direction but overall she's doing well without it. And an added perk to having the breathing tube out is that she was allowed to wake up now.

It was quite the feeling to finally see her eyes open up after 2 days of starring at her laying in her bed without making any real facial expressions. She's still a little sleepy but they said that as tubes and wires are removed she'll start to get more and more energy back.

Other then the breathing tube being removed, the only other thing that we've been worrying about is a high fever. Caydence has been fighting a fever of around 103 degrees since last night but I think that the staff may have it licked now as her temp. is dropping. She's currently at 100 degrees and slowly falling. The nurse turned the temp. of the room down to help in that battle which doesn't bother me but I think Jenny is slowly freezing. On a bright note, we no longer need a refrigerator to keep our drinks cold.

Eating has had it's ups and downs for us also. As we said before, Jenny can now order what she's wants from the room service menu but I'm stuck to fend for myself for breakfast and dinner typically. So, yesterday for breakfast I had a Mountain Dew and 2 pop tarts; the breakfast of champions. But for lunch, the Ronald McDonald house brings all of the parents bagged lunches to help out which is really nice. They consist of a sandwich, fruit, water, chips and a cookie, so I'm not starving. And last night a local restaurant gave everyone barbecued brisket, noodles, cooked carrots and girl scout cookies. I'm not sure as to what restaurant did this but I want to thank them because this was a very nice surprise.

Other then that, there isn't much going on, just sitting her and watching her recover. Anyway, I'm sure we'll post a little bit later with more updates.

Until then,
Take care


Carrie said...

I'm so happy to hear she is doing fairly well! I hope they get her temp under control soon so you guys won't have to worry. I hope you guys will be heading home soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Sounds like you have a good team there.
Aunt Millie