Friday, July 3, 2009

July 3rd Update

I have found that Josh is so much better at blogging than I am. He has a way about writing that is far superior to my own.

Anyways, Caydence had her first bath from Mommy today. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of this event. But I think she really liked the warm water. She never fusses or anything during her baths she just seems to enjoy herself. My friend Nichole was up visiting, so she held Caydence in the tub, while I washed her up.

She was really wide awake the whole time and took 25 ml during her 1:30 feeding. Then she was out like a light. At 4:30 she was a little more tired and only took about 15 ml. Her weight is up even more today - 5 lbs 6.6 oz. So that is good!

Her nurse said they might up her Captopril a little more to help her along. Here is a picture of her sleeping after her 4:30 feeding. I really need to get more pictures of her with her eyes open! But she's so sleepy all the time :)

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aunt millie said...

Don't sell yourself short Jenny-girl; you both do a wonderful job keeping us posted on what is happening with your family.