Saturday, July 11, 2009

WOW!! Today is the day!

So, it's daddy here and neither one of us can believe that today has finally shown up. It's been a month since Caydence was born and she hasn't stepped one foot inside of our house but that's all going to change in a matter of hours.

I'm a little late to make yesterday's post but I'll give you an update as to what happened anyway, that way mommy can't get mad about me not posting like I said I would. :) Well, yesterday they continued to get us ready to take her home today, covering her medications, how to administer them, and various other things while I was at work. But they made sure to save the worst for last, just so I would be there. The nurses wanted to see daddy put the feeding tube in again, just to make sure I was comfortable with it. (Ok, seriously, if anyone ever gets comfortable with this something is wrong with you.) But daddy did it, and I got it in on the first time, which is good I guess. But I still get torn apart on the inside watching her cry and squirm when we do this and nothing that anyone says will make it any easier. But we both know it has to be done so we're ready to do what is needed. And that pretty much takes care of yesterday, one traumatic experience and a lot of preparing for today.

We've been running around the last couple of nights, making arrangements, cleaning house, washing her clothes, putting together furniture and other various tasks that we felt were needed before Caydence shows up here. We can't have her thinking the home that we live in is worse off then the hospital that she's being discharged from. Anyway, I'm sure that one of us will post tonight to give everyone an update as to how it's going so until then, take care and wish us good luck.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck. All of us in the Thousand family are really happy and excited for you. We can hardly wait to read your next post.

Anonymous said...



Movie Star Wife said...

Hurray! I'm so glad that your little blessing can be home and in your arms.

Robbi said...

Well I hope you are enjoying your Bundle of Joy at home for the first time.

Welcome Home Caydence!!!
Hope you love your new bed!