Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What night is this now?

Daddy here:

I'm sitting here, 2:30am on Wednesday morning trying to stay awake so I figured I would post a little update. Sorry about the missing update yesterday but neither one of us were up to typing anything lastnight, being sleep deprived and all. I wasn't aware of how much sleep we would lose in this transition but now I see that we better get used to it. It's kind of funny when a big deal now is sleeping 5 hours strait, crazy.

Anyway, Caydence is doing well and gaining weight like mad. She had her first doctor's appointment yesterday and between Saturday afternoon and Monday morning she gained 4 ounces. Other then that, it's been pretty standard around here, feeding, meds, and little sleep. The only other event of interest was the fact that we gave Caydence her first bath this evening. She seemed to do alright during that but it's a work in progress because it didn't go nearly as smoothly as the baths in the hospital.

Otherwise, not much else to report. Hopefully we have a little more energy and can post some pictures today. Until then, take care and wish us luck.


Grinder said...

How "heavy" is Caydee now??

Jenny said...

6 lbs 2 oz!

stef said...

thats great!

dj said...

We want more pictures!!! :D