Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our Little Firecracker

When we got to the hospital today, the nurse told us that she took her whole bottle at her 10:30 feeding! She hasn't done that since the first couple days after she was born. So that is very exciting news. Especially since they increased her to 42 ml per feeding.

A little while ago our friends Kris and Louie bought Caydence a little 4th of July t-shirt and socks, so I took it to the hospital today to have her try them on.

I'm sure the socks will fit her better next year, but they looked so cute on her!

Check out all that hair! It's really growing in the back and it is so so soft!

That's all for today :)


Cheri said...

Happy first 4th of July Caydence! :)

stef said...

I swear we must have had all the same clothes while preggo... any word on when pretty can come home?


Sharon said...

Welcome to the world sweet Caydence! It sounds like she's doing great with her feeding and weight gain! Hopefully she'll be home with you very soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow, look at those big beautiful eyes.